Release agents for

flexible polyurethane (furniture) and rigid polyurethane (decorative applications and high density furniture)


  • Gives a high-quality and uniform finish
  • Promotes a consistent finish, shiny or matte as required
  • Delivers color according to specifications, unchanged
  • Can provide a textured velvety finish if needed


  • Delivers excellent release performance
  • Robust, performs reliably with different part designs, and in varying production conditions
  • Provides a good level of lubrication, without affecting post-molding processing
  • Works effectively with a range of drying times
  • Reduces solvent consumption and emission of VOCs, for high solids and hybrid release agents
  • Eliminates solvent consumption and emission of VOCs, for water-based release agents
  • Leaves minimal residue, increasing the number of molding cycles before cleaning is required