In Fusoni we co-create solutions: we work closely with our customers to understand their processes and develop customized solutions. Our laboratories have decades of experience in release agents and process additives for the industries we serve. We also maintain long-term partnerships with experts and academic institutions.

In this section you will find a reference list of our products. Contact us please so we can work on the specific solution which your process requires.


Water-based, solvent-based, high solids and hybrid release agents


(integral skin)


 (flexible, MDI /       TDI)

flecha-100Soles / shoes

(microcellular; polyether / polyester)


Particleboard, MDF, OSB, plywood, and high and low pressure laminates

Water-based release agents, lamination additives

flecha-100High and low pressure laminate  (UF, MF, and UMF resins)

flecha-100Particle       board, MDF, OSB (UF and               pMDI resins)

flecha-100Plywood boards


Oil-based and wax-based mold release agents, and emulsions


Pan or craft breads Bases for cakes Buns, biscuits and pastries


Water- and solvent-based release agents

flecha-100Die casting


Water-based semi-permanent release agents


Rubber – only in North America

Complete range of mold release agents and processing aids for all types of rubber and processes.

flecha-100Water and solvent-based semi-permanent and conventional release agents / Permanent mold coatings / Anti-corrosive mold protectors / Batch off release agents / Assenbly lubes

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Tire – only in North America

Mold release agents and processing aids for all areas: from the mixing room to extrusion and tire construction, up to the curing process and final inspection.

flecha-100Semi-permanent mold release agents / Inside paints / Outside paints / Bladder coatings / Permanent mold coatings / Tire tread marking paints / Cosmetic tire paints / Lubricants for tire mounting / Batch-off release agents

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Composites – only in North America

The Mikon® product line offers a complete range of mold release agents and processing aids for the composites industry.

flecha-100Mold release agents – semi-permanent (water and solvent based), wax-based / Sealers for porous surfaces and molds / Mold cleaning agents / Internal release agents and additives

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