Release agents for:

➢ Pan or craft bread

➢ Bases for cakes

➢ Buns, biscuits and pastries


  • Provides a smooth finish and excellent product appearance
  • Does not change the taste or smell of the bread or product
  • Prevents crust darkening/ burn (emulsions)
  • Does not contain allergens
  • Certified kosher products


  • Delivers an excellent release performance in a wide range of conditions (low, high, or average sugar and liquids content)
  • Can be applied easily and consistently with spray equipment or manually
  • The emulsions are easily seen in application, and do not add fat to the product
  • Leaves minimal residue, increasing the number of molding cycles before cleaning is required
  • Is highly resistant to carbonization
  • Extends the life of the pans/ molds (especially if coated)